BMW Engine Works Reviews

Highly Recommended
"My (BMW 118i) engine blew up. Sam comes very highly recommended. Hundred percent happy with him and just getting ready to go on."
Appreciate Their Work
"Brought my 530d to do its engine, the guys here (at BMW Engine Works) have done a really good job. Put a recon engine in there, the car drives like a dream. I really appreciate their work. Great job guys thank you."
Right Price
So my engine was gone and I brought my car to BMW Engine Works. Leon was really good. When my engine went I thought I have to scrap my car. He did it in good time, the price was right and I really recommend you should bring your car here if you need anything done to it.
Professional & On-time
I just had my engine changed by BMW engines and they did a great job. Everything was on time, everything was perfect. Everything was really professional and I am really happy.
Good price, good people & good stuff
Hiya name is Tom, live down in Bournemouth. Came up to get my car done. Timing chain went on it, basically engine was knackered. These guys covered it put a used engine in it, new clutch, turbo, set of injectors. Can’t fault the guys really made sure the car is up and running. Good price, good people and good stuff.
Spot On & Highly Recommended
My name is Sam from Northamptonshire. I brought my car here and I am very happy with it. They gave me a week and everything done. I am really happy and I do recommend BMW Engine Works.
Fantastic Job
Q: Hi Mark how was your experience with BMW Engine Works? A: That’s very good, couldn’t fault them. Q: Happy with the service? A: That’s very very good yes! Q: Everything in the budget? A: Yes Q: Would you come again? A: Yes
Car Cleaned & Running Good
I have had my engine repaired by BMW Engine Works, great job car cleaned and running good.
Great Job, Good Service, Happy to Recommend
My car serviced by BMW Engine Works, after the engine has been changed, happy with service. Good luck!!
Great Service
Great guys, great service, everything running well as it should be, even recovered the car next day.
Cracking Service
My name is Drewry and I have been to BMW Engine Works. They picked me up from Kingscross. Rebuilt my BMW M3, cracking service from start to finish. Recovery was done from West Yorkshire. Top job can’t fault it.
Trustworthy Guys
Another satisfied customer of BMW Engine Works, got his BMW 320d engine fixed, "Very happy with the service. Trustworthy guys thanks very much".
Got the Car back in Top Condition
Just had my car back in top condition from BMW Engine Works. I am happy with the work, the car’s working fine, sounding great. Happy to be back on the road.
Quick Service
Very good service. BMW Engine Works replaced my engine in 7 days. Perfect job. Ready to go.
Fantastic Job & Reliable
Fantastic job and reliable guys. Was looking for like a reliable garage to do the job, best and reliable place. Thumbs up
Good Service, Fantastic Craftsman
Whoever is listening, I have had work done from BMW Engine Works. Good service, fantastic craftsman to speak to. They look after you.
Fantastic Job
Hi, my name is Kenny, I have just had my engine replaced by BMW Engine Works. They have done fantastic job, all the parts are in place, the car runs beautifully. Thank You very much.
Satisfied With Work
Had work done by BMW Engine Works. Satisfied by what has been done for us.
Very Very Happy
BMW Engine Works just picked up my car, everything is running really smooth, nice and quite now. The car is in good order so very very happy.
Engine is in fine condition
You have recon all engine. Engine is in fine condition, thank you very much.
It all looks great
A review for Leon. I have driven this car 15miles before Leon has put in a new engine in and at touchwood it all looks great. From where it was 2 months ago it looks great now.
Nice Engine
I have come down today to pick up and engine from BMW Engine Works. Looks like a nice engine with warranty and £150 cashback.
Work as Promised
I took my car to BMW Engine Works, they did all the work they said they will do, no problems. Will come back for the service.
I need to thank BMW Engine Works for a job very well done, I am more than satisfied with what they have done to my car. I would recommend them to anybody. My car had been down for seven months. I am happy.
Perfect Service
Just got my car from BMW Engine Works, I am so happy, everything is fine, engine is perfect. I have a one year’s warranty. Staff is amazing, everything is really good.
Better Deal
I wanna thanks BMW Engine Works for sorting out my car, got the reconditioned engine done, turbo and injectors. They did all the extra service that made me satisfied and also gave me a better deal. Will recommend them to family.
Absolutely Fantastic
Leon has been carrying out a new engine for me, it has been absolutely fantastic service, been in touch with me every single day during the process of replacing the engine. I am here tonight to collect my car, happy to drive.
Good Communication
Car broke down, called the guys up. They came down and collected the car. BMW Engine Works, nice bunch of guys, good communication, happy with the service. Car is running, happy days.
Fantastic Job
Came to collect the car from BMW Engine Works. It broke down, fantastic job done. They replaced the engine. Spot on, happy with the service. Thank you very much.
Good Experience
Experience with BMW Engine Works was really good, the car is done, I am so happy, everything got sorted. Thank you.
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