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Cheapest Replacement Cost for BMW Cylinder Heads

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At BMW Engine Works we work tirelessly hard to provide you with the cheapest used or reconditioned BMW and MINI cylinder heads online. BMW Engine Works is your number one destination for getting reconditioned and used cylinder heads from the most trusted and respected garage in London. All you have to do is enter your registration number and we will do the rest. You can be rest assured that you won't get a better price than us. We don't charge you a penny for using our online services, it's completely free. BMW Engine Works not only supply quality BMW and MINI cylinder heads, but also fit them in our state of the art garage, all under one roof. The cylinder head is simply known as the head, sits above the cylinders on top of the engine block. It closes the top of the cylinder which creates the combustion chamber. The gap between the head and the block is sealed by the head gasket. The head usually contains the passages that supply fuel and air to the cylinder and remove the exhaust.

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